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Welcome to Elm Street Assisted Living!

Elm Street Assisted Living in located in Topsham, Maine and is a place of spiritual, emotional, and physical nourishment for those that call it home.  Located in the historic district of Topsham, the home was built in the 1840s and embraces a level of charm that is beyond other similar homes of its kind. 


Elm Street has the feel of home.  There are six private rooms, each with a half bathroom, telephone, and cable hookup.  There is wireless internet access throughout the home and a large living room that offers a beautiful piano, a community television, and numerous books and cozy corners for those that enjoy curling up and reading.  There is ample space for music groups, storytelling, and other various activities.  

Our residents will have home cooked meals prepared to their liking by our trained staff.  We can cater to various diets and textures, including a traditional diet, dairy free, gluten free, vegetarian, etc.  Our staff include 24 hour care and six caregivers that get to know each resident individually and it is through these close relationships that our residents see Elm Street as home.  

We are proud to not have long corridors with closed doors, but rather traditional bedrooms as you would find in any other home.  In the open kitchen and dining room, residents and staff can engage in conversation, arts and crafts, music, and even mixing the cookie batter if they wish to!

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Programs and Services

Elm Street Assisted Living Offers:


  • Private Bedrooms - We believe all of our residents should have their bedroom and bathroom.

  • Licensed staffing 24 hours per day, 7 days a week

  • Medical, Physical, and Social resources

  • "Home-cooked" meals, alternatives available to personal preference

  • Social outings and special events

  • Beautician available

  • Housekeeping and laundry service by staff

  • Adult daycare / Respite care

  • Living areas with cable TV, telephones, and Wi-Fi

  • Private cable/phones available at own cost


Who We Are

Here at Elm Street Assisted Living, we have learned that as we age, luxury comes to mean something very personal.  As we arrive at needing assistance, having the helper be someone we know, someone who knows us as an individual, and someone we trust, becomes the true meaning of luxury.  

Our Elm Street location boasts beautiful gardens throughout the home and on our back deck.  The deck opens into a courtyard that leads into the backyard of the property.  In the yard are magnificanet old trees and lovely flower gardens with benches and sitting areas.  Residents can walk, sit, or garden as they wish.  

Having six residents occupy Elm Street means that our staff have time to enjoy getting to know the residents and are able to facilitate hobbies, activities, and other areas of interest.  It also means that mealtimes are simple and quiet enough that the confused resident can handle the stimuli and the resident that is hard of hearing can have a full conversation with others.  It means that the resident is reassured by the familiarity of staff.    


"When it was time to think about an alternative living situation for our mother, we faced a difficult situation because none of us children lived nearby, or even within weekend traveling distance. We needed to find a place where we could count on the care and where we knew our mother would be safe and in good hands, yet still be as independent as she could be. As we visited different assisted living possibilities, the first thing I noticed about Elm street is that it did not look like an assisted living home at all! Rather than an institution, you feel as though you are walking into someone's house. From the living rooms to the common kitchen, Elm street feels comfortable. With home cooked meals and devoted staff, it has been a good solution for us. We have been very happy with the care our mother has been able to get at Elm street, giving her as much independence as possible within the framework of an assisted living facility. My mother has always spoken highly of the people who help her and I need not worry, as I used to, about whether she is ok. There is a family feeling to the whole place, cats included, that is simply not possible in other larger institutions."

- Ann Gardiner

"My Mother spent the last 5 years of her life at 56 Elm St.  We are from Massachusetts and when the time came that my Mother could no longer live on her own we began the search for a place she could be happy and comfortable but also be safe and have the assistance she needed. She did not do well with any of the options that we found in Massachusetts. The places were all too big with too many staff and too many residents. It was much too overwhelming for my Mom. My brother and his family live in Maine and he found 56 Elm Street. We all immediately fell in love with everything about the place!!! From the home like atmosphere to the beautiful gardens to the amazing staff we found it to be perfect!!

As a child that lived out of state Elm Street was selfishly perfect for me as well as my Mom. I was able to call daily and either the staff would help adjust the phone volume for me to speak with her or would be able to give me a detailed report should she be napping or out at the time of my call. When I would come to visit I was able to make myself right at home the same way I would when I visited my Mother's home. I always brought my little shih tzu with me which was a win - win as all the ladies enjoyed visiting with the puppy.

My Mom passed away in January. I still keep in touch with the staff and keep updated on the other residents as everyone came to be part of our family. I can not say enough wonderful things about Elm Street and all who reside and work there!!!" 

- Robin D'Ampolo



"I am so pleased to help spread the good word about our home at 56 Elm St.  Willing hands, loving hearts and good cooks care for us in cheerful, homelike surroundings.  We are grateful to all who watch over us."     
      Clara McGowen, age 92


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