Welcome to Elm Street Assisted Living! 

Elm Street Assisted Living in located in Topsham, Maine and is a place of spiritual, emotional, and physical nourishment for those that call it home.  Located in the historic district of Topsham, the home was built in the 1840s and embraces a level of charm that is beyond other similar homes of its kind. 


Elm Street has the feel of home.  There are six private rooms, each with a half bathroom, telephone, and cable hookup.  There is wireless internet access throughout the home and a large living room that offers a beautiful piano, a community television, and numerous books and cozy corners for those that enjoy curling up and reading.  There is ample space for music groups, storytelling, and other various activities.  

Our residents will have home cooked meals prepared to their liking by our trained staff.  We can cater to various diets and textures, including a traditional diet, dairy free, gluten free, vegetarian, etc.  Our staff include 24 hour care and six caregivers that get to know each resident individually and it is through these close relationships that our residents see Elm Street as home.  

We are proud to not have long corridors with closed doors, but rather traditional bedrooms as you would find in any other home.  In the open kitchen and dining room, residents and staff can engage in conversation, arts and crafts, music, and even mixing the cookie batter if they wish to!

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