About Us 

Here at Elm Street Assisted Living, we have learned that as we age, luxury comes to mean something very personal.  As we arrive at needing assistance, having the helper be someone we know, someone who knows us as an individual, and someone we trust, becomes the true meaning of luxury.  

Our Elm Street location boasts beautiful gardens throughout the home and on our back deck.  The deck opens into a courtyard that leads into the backyard of the property.  In the yard are magnificent old trees and lovely flower gardens with benches and sitting areas.  Residents can walk, sit, or garden as they wish.  

Having six residents occupy Elm Street means that our staff have time to enjoy getting to know the residents and are able to facilitate hobbies, activities, and other areas of interest.  It also means that mealtimes are simple and quiet enough that the confused resident can handle the stimuli and the resident that is hard of hearing can have a full conversation with others.  It means that the resident is reassured by the familiarity of staff.    

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